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Version 1.19
Typ Towny MCMMO LWC Survival Custom Bosses Community Family Friendly Economy ChestShop Events
Letztes Update22 Jul 2022
Beitrittsdatum11 Nov 2014


TrekCraft is not any ordinary server, we are a committed 1.19 family-friendly Towny/Survival server with tons of extra plugins to enhance and customize your experience. Our towny server is one of the most immersive servers out there. We include mcMMO, LWC, Jobs, chestshops, tough custom mobs, ArtMap, and much more!

Grief and raiding aren't allowed and we've been up since 2014: your work is safe with us!

Come build a town or join one of the amazing ones already here! Make new friends or bring your old ones. We have a friendly and welcoming community that takes part in events every week and active staff that will help you through any situation and keeps the server updated and maintained. 

Our friendly staff plays, and plays legitimately, so we know the game, the players and the community. We find and fix most issues before they're noticed, but are readily available to quickly resolve any you may find.

We're fully EULA compliant, with great ranks earned from events, contests, voting, and treasure hunts.

When you find yourself on TrekCraft you feel like you are part of the family, and that is exactly what we want you to feel.

Take time today and come join us at

You can also visit our website at

Join us on Discord after joining our server.

Server Video:

Minecraft is an adventure, Trek it. -TC2014


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Change Logs
10 Nov 2014
New spawn added :)
11 Nov 2014
Mob Arena fully working. and up!
15 Mar 2020

Our beautiful admin shop is undergoing a full reorganization!  Items are much easier to find and prices have been adjusted.  Come see it!

19 Mar 2020

Check out the beautiful resource nether spawn Ace built for us:

Also, here's a quick tour of the newly redone admin shop:

21 Mar 2020

We've re-added ArtMap to the server and have a painting contest starting today! Come make cool works of art and win awesome prizes, or just ignore the contest and make art to decorate your builds!

19 Apr 2020

Our Easter events have wrapped up, but we'll still decorated if you want to come see!
9 plugins updated last night.  Towny continues to add easier interfaces.

21 Apr 2020

Double vote points now on!


27 Apr 2020

Double mcmmo xp and double vote points are on now!

17 May 2020

McMMO and Voting points doublers are both on!

09 Jun 2020

Our Discord has gone private.  Invitations available in game only.

08 Aug 2020

The resource worlds are reset.  Come explore!


11 Aug 2020

You can now egg ocelots :)

13 Aug 2020

We are now 1.16.2 compatible

09 Oct 2020

We're now 1.16.3 and have a graphical interface (optional) for towny :)

13 Oct 2020

Halloween build contest on now.  Come give it a try!

17 Oct 2020

We've got both mcmmo and voting points doublers going this weekend!  

20 Oct 2020

New weekly contests started!  Earn a place of honor in spawn and points!  This weeks: pumpkin harvesting!

12 Nov 2020

This week's weekly contest is killing our special boss mob, Queen Chrysalis.  Can you kill more than anyone else?