Webseite duskvsdawn.com
Discord Discord
Version Interlude
Typ Craft Antboot Low Rate Pvp Fun Nolag
Ort France
Letztes Update30 Apr 2021
Beitrittsdatum30 Apr 2021


Welcome to the DuskvsDawn! 

Join us now at:        www.duskvsdawn.com
and in our discord:    https://discord.gg/98XrVrXZ64

GREAT OPENING on May 21st (Beta on May 17th).

The first low rate faction server based on races.

Discover a new and original concept. The axis of this server is the confrontation of light against darkness using the Seven Signs and a system called Race Wars. We bring a fresh touch of rivalry between races (which now, are hopelessly faced against each other), while preserving all of the original mechanics that have made us love this game (skills, levels, gears, zones, sieges, olympiads, raid bosses, quests and crafting).

We are a low rate server based on longterm Interlude where, even being a factions server, the use of the game day by day hardly differs from traditional servers except in the most key and at the same time a simple change, the Human and Elf players are in permanent war to the Orc and Dark Elf players, leaving the Dwarves to choose their side in a conflict for control of Elmoreden.

The server has x3 rates and an original permawar system has been created between the factions also facing the Seven Signs (depending on your race you are self-assigned to the Dawn or the Dusk).

With a strong no P2W policy, our donations do not allow to obtain items that grant stats or any advantage, all rewards given by donations are purely cosmetic, changes that cannot pervert the game experience and allow the player enjoy the game.

We have a commitment to take this server far and the Staff has already put in reserve 12 months of personal budget for online maintenance of the server, which will be increased as donations arrive. This means that the server availability is GUARANTEED of at least 12 months, that obviously will be increased since the costs of a server nowadays are really low...

Which side will you choose? Will you fight for the light alongside the versatile Humans and Ancient Elves? Or will you bring darkness with you and swell the ranks of the belligerent Orcs and their cruel Dark Elf allies? If you are undecided you can always be a dwarf and get a slice of the terrible incoming conflict.