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MilkNubNetworks is a gmod darkrp community that is soon to be released too the public, but currently we have
-custom suits
-ability too pickup/dropsuits
-ability to inventory suits so you can keep it upon disconnect
-in-game gangs with capture points to give players a little extra pvp rather then just sitting in base
-special weapons too keep the pvp balanced and not one sided
-mining job too allow players to mine for better guns/suits
-weed job, Meth cook, trash man, Jewelry robber
-balanced jobs
-New hitman system
-custom jobs/ranks
-balanced so not pay to win.


and more!

We are also getting ready to do a giveaway to celebrate the servers launch.

Here are the rules
1. no alt accounts
2. it is not allowed to invite discord that do not play gmod such as a gta community/rust community
3.please dont spam people with invites(it gets annoying).

The player with the most discord invites wins anything from ingame ranks too money

Here are the prizes,
1. anyone with 30+ invites gets a custom job on the server
2. the player with the most invites will receive the highest ingame rank
3.the player with the second most invites will receive one of the highest ingame rank
4. the player with the third most invites will receive vip+ ingame
5. any player with 5+ invites will receive five million ingame.
this event goes for both staff and players

so head over to and check it out

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