Aion 3.9 Echoes Of The Past


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Version 3.9
Typ PVP Fun Mid Rate No Premium
Letztes Update14 Jan 2019
Beitrittsdatum13 Jan 2019
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EOTP is an Aion 3.9 private server
We are focused on both PVP and PVE; we have a full content server and an active team working on improving the game every single day!
We have plenty of features to offer you, and here's some of them

*Instant level 60
*Free Level 40 abyss gear
*In-gameshop with Kinah (no pay to win)
*A custom base in a neutral area in Sarpan that has all essencial NPC's close by
*Active GM's
*High EXP rates (In case you're leveling)
*No Restrictions or limitations in farming!
*Easy and solo-able instances!

(Visit our site to see all our features!)

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Change Logs
13 Jan 2019

**Explainnig how the Toll command works more clear
If you want to gain 100 tolls you write //toll kinah 100 and that would coast 10,000,000 Kinah

January 10, 2019

-Kysis, Kroton and Miren instances bosses now drop keys with 100% rates
-Dabra, Niksi and Zumi will also drop keys with 100% rate (it was 90% before)
- Chookuri now have higher odds of dropping green keys

Also, forgot to mention, Potion and scrolls will stop dropping for free, Coins will drop only from TS; and christmas preset will also stop appearing, starting from first of February; as the shop is released, you'd be able to buy the scrolls, potions and beer right from the shop
you could still do the beer command, moltenus book command however, will not be available

-new command
//delete_item <item link> - It deletes the item you link off your inventory
-Any cube expander now will unlock your inventory until "Cube 3"
-Buying a cube expansion of the gameshop would increase your cube, until Cube 4
ENJOY HAX, and goodnight

January 11, 2019

-Edited Client side for stacking items update, so now you can split, combine and even see how many items they are without hovering!
Affected Items are:
Protectorate Treasure Key chest
Protectorate Treasure Key Box
Protectorate Treasure Key Crate
Major Ancient Crown
Greater Ancient Crown(edited)
New splash is added (from Shiro)(edited)
The update would be applied via the launcher, from our site
You don't have to redownload anything, just open the launcher and press update

-Opening beer cooldown is now reduced to 0
-Renamed Beer to "Beer Lootbox"
-Renamed manastones bundle to their proper name
restart launcher again to get the updates

January 13, 2019

5 minuets scrolls now last 10 minutes

Buffed enchantment rates; duo to that buff, removing L160's from tia siege, you'll stil get the supps however!
So now, you'd be able to have better rates enchanting with Green/Purple stones and recommanded to use supps starting from level 10-12 to 15
Socketing manastones rates are also buffed

New player command:
//pmorph cancel - It disables your transformation, so we don't have rainbow-colored pengiuns running around

Bug fixes:
Creating new account, survey now should only unlock your cube until cube 3
Fixed the //delete_item command syntax
Sarpan mobs shouldn't spawn anymore on every reboot (Some will still do however)(edited)

Also note that our morph command isn't EXACTLY like not aion, you'd have to write the command every time you use another candy
-Fixed major crit strike to 1 hour again, sorry for that xdd
-//help now is updated with all our commands