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Version 317
Typ Osrs Raids 1 Raids 2 Active community Community Driven Group Ironman
United States
Letztes Update28 Apr 2020
Beitrittsdatum19 Feb 2020


Neitzen RSPS

Including some of the latest OSRS features such as fully working Raids 1 & 2 Neitzen works to ensure we have the best 

and most update to date features as possible besure to come along and ride the adventure with us

and tell us your ideas so they can be added.


Bosses & Minigames:


✔Raids 1 - Chambers of Xeric

✔Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood


✔Alchemical Hydra


✔Rune Dragons 


✔Abyssal Sire

✔All working wilderness bosses

✔Corporeal Beast

✔Kalphite Queen


✔Barrel Chest

✔Rev Caves

✔Fully WorkingDwarf Cannon 

& Much More to discover!



Ironman - Can't trade with other players but has a specific shop.
Ultimate Ironman - Can't use bank must store all items in the inventory.
Hardcore Ironman - Die you lose your status, hcim only has one life.
Group ironman - Ironman, with up to 4 other players.


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