Zillycraft Survival


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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Version 1.16.1
Typ Semivanilla Anarchy SilkSpawners Heads Portals
Letztes Update21 Jul 2020
Beitrittsdatum21 Jul 2020


Zillycraft Survival Plus is a brand new 1.16.1 server launched this month. After a trial run, we're confident we've got it running smoothly!

We're a hard mode semi-vanilla, semi anarchy server. That means griefing, stealing and PVP are allowed, but cheating, hacking, x-ray, etc are not.

Upon joining (and re-spawn on death without a bed) you will be randomly thrust into the wilderness somewhere within + or - 29 million blocks of spawn. You won't know where of course, because coordinates are turned off. The benefit to the vast distance between players allows people to build on a multiplayer world like it was a single player world.

But how does one get around then? How does one interact with other players, raid, grief and bring destruction upon their enemies?

We use Colored Portals by Snowgears to build in game portals without the aid of any command. Two portals can connect anywhere, in any dimension by having the same wool color and 'channel number' up to 15 on a string. A portal is always set up within 25 000 blocks of spawn to allow for finding of Strongholds!

Be careful with your portals... leaving one open to your primary base may bring your enemies right to your doorstep!

Mobs occasionally drop eggs, heads and very rarely - spawners.

The End will be reset occasionally.

Come join us!