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Version 1.14.4
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United States
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Hadean Server

Welcome and thank you for checking out the server post. The server has just been restarted for 1.14.4, this is a whitelist pure vanilla style server looking for mature players that want to form a tight community and record for YouTube as well as have fun. Hadean is a 24/7 server with 99.9% uptime and set on hard difficulty (non-negotiable). If you are a fan of pure vanilla Minecraft then this is what you are looking for.


1) No Griefing. No destruction, altering of another players builds or area without consent.

2) No Stealing. Don't take any other players hard earned loot, they earned it so they deserve to keep it.

3) No PVP. Not allowed unless all players involved agree upon the battles and please return the items lost in battle.

4) Pranking. No TNT or lava is to be used in pranks as well as not killing the other players. Please don't lag the server with a prank, keep them within reason, and leave a sign taking responsibility. Be prepared to help with the clean-up, pranks should be fun and not a constant hassle.

5) Dedication. Inactivity without a good reason such as vacations, family emergency, school, work and other situations will result in temporary removal from the whitelist and Skype blowing up (in other words keep us in the loop). Also no playing for 5 minutes a week.

6) Respect. No racism, bigotry or bad nature will be tolerated!

7) Community Projects. There will be times that we all need to pitch in on larger projects, be prepared to help.

8) Swearing. Please keep the bad language to a minimum in the chat, also in Skype/Discord for the younger community members.

9) No Mods, Hacks or Cheats. Optifine is allowed for computer performance issues. NO use of mini-maps. Remember this is a pure vanilla server.

10) Any violation of the rules will result in being removed from this server!

11) Have Fun!!!

Please use link to apply.



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