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United Kingdom
Letztes Update09 May 2020
Beitrittsdatum21 Jul 2019


PhoenixMC is a multiple server network with multiple aspects, ranging from normal survival to towny & skyblock, you can choose any playstyle you wish for. We have a variety of things to keep you busy & occupied with our many features!

Our features vary from many different things, such as listed below.

Skyblock Features:
- Vote for peoples islands!
- Put your island up for display!
- Custom built islands with a wide variety to choose from!
- Minion system to automate your gigantic islands!
- Island upgrades so insane like you've never seen before!
- Border sizes up to 200 chunks!
- Custom enchantments!
- Automatic mines!
- Pet system that gives beacon effetcs!
- Level your island to become one of the top tiers!
- Fight bosses on our boss island!
- Fight high level mobs on our mob farming island!
- Custom fishing, get chances of catching some custom enchanted books!
- Complete island quests to earn money!
- Minable spawners!
- Complete auction house system!
- Daily & monthly rewards!
- Crates with crazy rewards!
- Player vaults so you can have external storages wherever you go!
- 1.8 combat system on a 1.15.2 server!
- Fast crafting system!
- Get awesome particles with our player particle system!

Towny Features:
- Custom Economy.
- Auction House.
- Custom Enchantments.
- Custom pets with levelling & skill tree systems.
- Claim plugin to protect your base/homes.
- Elevators using redstone.
- Crates for randomized rewards and more.
- Jobs to earn money through completing normal daily tasks.
- Basic RTP.
- Armor stand editor.
- Angel chests to protect your items when you die.
- Single player sleeping with buffs as a sleeping reward!
- We have the old 1.8 combat mechanics even if we're running a 1.15.2 server!
- We have questing, you'll be able to follow an actual story line, complete side quests and earn unique quest items!
- The server only requires 1 person to sleep for it to turn day.
You can break spawners using silk touch.
- Caving overhaul, meaning the caves will age by time, custom structures and fun mobs to fight against! Be wary though there lurk dangerous creatures.
. Fully automatic animated doors, and when i say animated, YES i mean it. Completely modless.
- We use core protect in case there would be any griefing incident so we can quickly rollback what you lost.
- User ranking system with different & unique features for each playtime ranks.
- Fast leaf decay so you don't have to wait for those pesky trees to go away when you're building.
- Full on questing system with a story line on the way!
- McMMO to RPG-lize your experience.
- External player vaults accessible from anywhere in the server.
- Earn money through playtime every 10th minute!
- Very balanced economy, you'll most likely never see the server have a broken one.
- Dynamic view distance and chunk loading for hyper speed performance.

What is the server IP for Phoenixmc?

The IP address of Phoenixmc Minecraft server is

How to join Phoenixmc server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Phoenixmc.

Where is Phoenixmc located?

The Phoenixmc server is currently hosted in United Kingdom.