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Letzter PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Version 1.8.8
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Letztes Update11 Dec 2016
Beitrittsdatum10 Dec 2016


This is a completely custom modpack designed for little to no lag but still keep the best of the mods for factories, automation, and computer programmers. Our list of mods includes Iron Chests, Applied Energistics 2, Big Reactors, BuildCraft, Galacticraft, Greg's lighting, IC2 and it's buddies, Immersive Engineering, MFR/Thermal suit, Open Computers, ProjectE, ProjectRed, and several more! See the permissions page for a list of them all. We've also added a few bells and whistles to make your game play easier like NEI, InvTweaks, WAILA, and REI mini map. Everything good comes with a price. Logging into the server lag is from your PC loading up the LUA stuff for OpenConputers. This is completely normal. If you get the message about some fatal error on connection it's just a bug that happens every so often. It's nothing. Ignore it and reconnect. If it happens more than once in a row THEN bug me about it but have your log ready. It will make it easier if you just leave the screen there and copy the log out BEFORE you close the game and add hundreds of lines of spam after the error. Any other problems CONTACT ME FIRST! Do not bug mod authors with crash reports unless you are told to do so. As a custom mod pack author it is my responsibility to ensure stability between mods. If a mod author contacts me about you bugging him/her endlessly you may receive a temporary ban. Repeat offenders may be perma-banned! This is the only option I have to help keep mod authors work load to the necessities. Currently we're on the technic launcher but are porting the pack over to FTB as well. for the technic launcher. If you know how to manually install modpacks then you can get it here- You can visit the forum at Server IP is included with the pack but here it is again if you manually install the pack. or Any problems, comments, questions, or other form of communication should go through our forum. You can also report bugs on the bug channel on Discord.