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Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type Modded Custom Traders PVP Base Building LOTS of Base Furniture TONS of weapons LOTS of vehicles Super custom Friendly Admin Spawn at your base
United States
Last Update22 Mar 2020
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Lots of custom map, tons of mods, guns, vehicles. 

Custom toxic zones with top notch loot!

Very hardcore zombies! Using two seperate ai spawnners together and fine tunes to make very persistantly difficult zombie survival experience that is just shy of world war z lol! It is not to much though and does not make things impossible to play what so ever.

Tons of additional AI like zombies, several additions from the Stalker collection, dogs, wolfs, monsters, exorcest.

3 new types of bear, increased bear populations (Often found in packs of 3!)

3 new types of wolfs, increased number of pack size and poplations.

Very new server looking to build community.

Planning lots of events and more.

Boxing Tournament Arena, Super Car Circut Race, Derby Race