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Website Website
Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Type PVE Balanced Challenging Community Custom Dedicated Experience X5 Mods Survival Taming
United States
Last Update12 Dec 2019
Join Date28 Nov 2019

Server Info


[h1]WebSite: [url=][/url][/h1]
[b]Short Cut: steam://connect/[/b]
[b]IP: [/b]
[b]Game Port: 8530 [/b]
[b]Query Port: 8540 [/b]

Type = PVE

Slots = 60
xp = 5x | harvest = 7x | taming = 9x | Imprint = 2x | baby = 50x | mature = 50x | cudle = 0.08x
grace = 50 | dificult = 1 | override = 5 | engrams = auto | weight = 20x

Offline protection enabled

Steam Mod List:
WebSite Mod List:



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[*][url=] Arkirados ArkServers [/url]
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[i]Server:[/i] Arkirados
[i]Web:[/i] [url=][/url]
[i]Direct Short Cut:[/i] steam://connect/