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How DarkRP is meant to be. Here at UnReal gaming, we understand how DarkRP was meant to be, no constant nagging from admins for breaking the rules, issues between players settled in character rather than via a sit, no pay-to-win donator classes, the player comes first. An experience like no other. We promise you the best staff, friendliest players and a great RP experience. Constant Updates and Active Development. Our coding team will strive to fix bugs on the day that they are reported, add new content once every 2 weeks minimum to keep things fresh. A balanced economy. Work for what you want, no 50k starts or any trash, when you join, you have just enough to live and rent an apartment, seek out work from other players before striking out and making your own business. No printers to ruin the economy either, all moneymaking is legitimate. An immersive experience. We aim to provide a seamless RP experience, no rooftop admin sits unless you really need to be taken out of the roleplay, in which case you're in plenty of trouble. No power crazy staff. Our staff know their place, and the owner keeps staff in check. Players can report staff on the forums if they believe that they aren't acting appropriately.  

Website moderators needed

Server helpers wanted, people who are willing to learn how our server operates differently to other servers, welcome players and help them settle into the server!