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التحديث الأخير24 Oct 2020
تاريخ الانضمام10 Oct 2020
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NoAdvantage--L2Substack--Classic2.0--x3--New long-term project

Revamped Substack: New dimension of PvP in L2 classic 

We are planning to launch the first low-rate server in history of L2, based on PvP system with completely reworked skills. Every sub-stack combo will be worth of giving a try. Forgotten classes get revamped (elven fighters, dwarves, sorcerers, BD, SK, buffers will have equal combat abilities compared to other pro classes) while powerful ones lose some of their superpowers. All you need to do is to forget about popular classes and mighty skills you used to know, and find your own unique substack combo. The effect, mechanic, power of every useless skill will be changed to make them useful during PvP. All classes will be completely remastered with better, more organized and balanced skills. We want to bring some freshness and variety to L2, so forget about spaming F1 / general attack, re-learn about the skills and try new tactics in order to beat them all.

We offer you an unique server with prospect for many years.

Are you not tired with servers, where is large domination, high enchantment, a lot of unnecessary items or unlimited dualboxes?

We love the simplicity of the game and a good storyline.

Our server is much different because you don't need to rush nor chase anybody, you are not even grounded. There is a small set of items and a low enchantment.

We guarantee you fair, simple and balanced server. Give us a chance and you won't regret your decision.

Our server based on:
• No pay to win
• No corruption
• No domination
• No superiority
• No exaggerated items
• No high enchanted items
• Balanced classes
• Equality
• The same chance to everyone
• Respect to everyone
• Gameplay simplicity
• Back to the tactics, strategy and smart playing

• Server time: UTC+1
• Chronicle: Lineage 2 Classic 2.0 version
• L2J files
• Flawless files
• Full geodata
• Advanced antibot/antihack system

• Substack same race 1+1 (all skills are stacking)
• Pendants (1 bound pendant of your choice per character),
• Mana potions (10mp per sec, duration 60sec, delay 5min) available in grocery for adena,
• Revamped skills of every class to balance all substack combos.
• Skill's auto learning.
• Auto pick-up (excluding raids)
• Enabled Loop macros (auto farm).
• Quest items for 1st and 2nd class transfer for adena.
• Angel of death Talisman (no exp-loss upon the character's death, available from donation)
• All the rest is retail-like (items, droplist, mobs, locations, epics/rbs drops, spoiling, crafting, character's stats, quests, sieges).

- Exp x3
- Adena x6
- Drops (including Raids) x6
- Spoil x9
- Quests x1

• Safe enchantment: +3
• Max enchantment: +8
*Normal scroll enchant: 33% success rate
*Blessed scroll enchant: 33% success rate

• No gm shop
• No gm help
• No gm buffer
• No global gk
• No pay to win
• No corruption
• No voting system
• Dualboxing 1+1
• Offline shops
• Own events
• Delevel npc (available for adena)
- If player level is lower than skill learn level - 9, skill level is decreased to next possible level.
- If there is no possible level, skill is removed from player.
• Npc newbie buffer (available from 1 to 20 lvl)
• Free teleports (available to 40 lvl)
• Increased weight limit
• Increased chance of losing an items upon death with karma (equipped weapon is safe)
• 9 players in one party
• 2 clans in one Alliance
• C grade equipment+0 is max to take a part in Olimpiad
• Color of nicknames for pvp amount
• Heroes every 2 weeks

📀Server progression📀
01.10.2020 - 20.12.2020 ➡️ Closed beta test
20.12.2020 - 01.01.2021 ➡️ Open beta test
02.01.2021 ➡️ GRAND OPENING
The date might still change.

Spread the good news, and ask your friends and clan mates to join us (for now on discord, soon on server ;) )

Check out for more details on our discord:

Stay tuned
NoAdvantage Team

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