Across Ark: NEW lite-RP server Launches Jan 19.


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About Across Ark:

Our goal is to create an experience through ARK: Survival Evolved and all three of its DLCs that mimics the fantasy of living in Ark’s story. This is for people who want to experience the fun of defeating the bosses, the accomplishment of ascending to Alpha status, and the joy of diving into the game’s lore.

We are not a clustered server, so we’ll be moving through the DLCs as a group. Of course, different people will be ready to advance at different times. To account for this, we will be monitoring everyone’s progress and will choose an appropriate time to move forward. There isn’t a set formula for when this is, but community feedback will play a heavy part in the decision on when to move to the next map.

We are a light RP server, so while roleplaying isn’t required, we do ask that when you’re using in-game chat that you only talk about things that are relevant in-game. Even if you don’t choose to roleplay, you still have to follow our rules on metagaming.

All player characters are Human. Waking up on the Ark restores your health. Lost limbs would be replaced, cancerous tumors removed, cybernetic augmentation lost and replaced with a healthy body. The player character can be from any time in Earth's history up to Modern Day. All characters must be at least 16 years or older.


Server Information:

Our server uses a special exp curve, easing the grind to end-game content and making the progression a smooth climb, rather than scaling a cliff-face.

We are RPvPvE. Everything goes! Special accommodations can be made for people who wish to opt-out of PvP entirely. New and old RP-ers, or those that want to give RP a try are more than welcome here!


Server Settings:

Starting Map: The Island

Max Dino level: 99

Max Player Level: 100 (Pre-ascension)

Easier levelling past level 80


Additional Items

Supply Crate


Structures Plus
Eco’s RP Decor
Eco’s Garden Decor
Eco’s Camping Decor
Stacks Evolved


2x Exp
3x Taming
2x Wild Dino Consumption
5x Egg Hatch/Mature
1x Breed Cooldown
2x Resource HP
2x Harvesting

Join our Discord to access our whitelist form, and be there for our official launch (Jan. 19)!