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Discord Discord
النوع 2x Loot 2x Gather Active Admins Starter Kit Kits Magicloot Airdrops Weekly Wipes biweekly bp wipe Max3
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United Kingdom
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التحديث الأخير20 Jan 2023
تاريخ الانضمام10 Jan 2023


Rusty Raider2x s d t

Welcome to Rusty Raiders 2x Solo Duo Trio

Our server offers:

  • Map wipe; weekly [every saturday,3pm(GMT)
  • blueprint wipe: bi-weekly [every 2 weeks,3PM(GMT)
  • Many in-game features to give best experience to players
  • Best Chosen Maps 
  • MAX team 3
  • tier 1 bps unlocked
  • x2 loot 
  • x2 gather
  • Recyclers at dome,fisshing villages & other monuments
  • anticheat detection
  • Short nights (5 min night, 55 min day )
  • Solo/Duo/Trio/Squad  Max group size 3 players
  • active playing admins 

Join our fast growing Discord community -

and have a look at our /kits available on our Store -