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النوع 5x Gather 5x Kits Better loot Full wipe LowPing 96 Plugin Anti Cheat max5
الموقع الجغرفي United Kingdom
أحرز هدفا0
التحديث الأخير10 Aug 2022
تاريخ الانضمام10 Aug 2022

المعلومات 5x - Max 5|Wb2 Starter|Kits|TP|Home|x5

Welcome to 5x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad/Max 5|Loot+|TP|Kits|x5 Server!
Every week Tuesday 18:00(GMT+1) and Saturday 13:00(GMT+1) Full Wipe

Server Informations:
- RP System 
- Kit System
- Quick oven and automatic oven splitting.(Oven output multiplier 1x and Oven speed 5x)
- Food does not burn.
- MiniCopter 5 seating.
- Wipeblock is available.
- You can set up a CLAN (MAX 5 PEOPLE) and it will have automatic BP and TS authorization for everyone in the clan.
fishing villages have recycler.
- BP sharing.

 - /info, /config, /block, /home, /tpr, /tpa, /bandit, /outpost, /ad, /al
 - /up 1-2-3-4, /down 1-2-3-4, /bgrade 1-2-3-4, /remove
 - /backpack, /kit, /trade, /transfer
 - /mymini, /horse
 - /skin, /skinbox, /sb
 - /pc