VanityRust 2x SOLO

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النوع 2x Gather 2x Active Admins Biweekly Wipes
الموقع الجغرفي United Kingdom
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التحديث الأخير01 Sep 2022
تاريخ الانضمام13 May 2022


Welcome to VanityRust Servers!

VanityRust 2x | Solo Only | Noob Friendly

Gather Rate: 2x
Loot Tables: Balanced
Wipe: every 2 weeks @ 7PM GMT/BST
Blueprints: Never Wipe (Start off with Default Blueprints)
Stack Sizes: Increased
Team Limit: Solo Only

This server is a 2x multipled gather rate server, we aim to give the best Rust experience at an increased progression rate. Solo only server, giving everyone the chance to progress on the server.
Minicopter spawn on roads so you don't need to purchase them in bandit!

Some of the mods we use are marked down below
- Spawnable Minicopter
- Fast Crafting
- Faster Recycle Speed
- Faster Smelting
- Skinbox

Our VIP ranks are for QOL only. None of the ranks contain P2W features.

We ban anyone on the server that we believe have broken the rules we have set.
Some of the things we ban for:
- Cheating
- Racism
- Exploiting
- Playing over the team limit