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Welcome to Rusty Ranch!

Server Wipes Weekly: Thursdays @ 11am GMT!


Come join and help us build our community!




VIP & Queue Skip on our website. link in our Discord.



Rusty Ranch has been a small but ever growing community operating since January 2020 with the ambition of having the best and most enjoyable rust servers you could play on, with dedicated servers for minimal latency and of course without the infamous lag.

You will feel like you have total control as we offer 24/7 support with our dedicated staff for any questions you have. All in game changes are purely for quality of life, and are designed to promote building, roams, raiding and pvp whilst making it a more enjoyable experience overall.


Some of our server features include

-2x Gather rate

-Lvl 1 Bps Unlocked

-50% Craft & Smelt Times

-Configured Loot Tables & Quicker Respawns

-6 Player Team Limit n -60 Min Day, 5 Min Night

-Always Bright Night

-HV Rocket PVP Damage Reduced (coming soon)

-Custom Outpost (coming soon)

-Smaller map w/ large monuments (coming soon)