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الحالة Online
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التنبيه الأخير24 seconds ago
النوع Backpacks PVE Raidable Bases No Decay Monthly Wipe Skinbox Teleport Shop No Radiation Pets
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United States
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تاريخ الانضمام24 Aug 2021


Rustafried is PVE with PVP zones covering a few monuments.

The PVP zones are defined with a dome.

We have protection messures in place that prevent looting of players and their corpses. (Looting is however allowed in the pvp zones.)

We offer
     - Town every wipe. 
     - No Decay     
     - World Floods  .
     - Competitions 
     - Dangerous Treasures
     - Raidable Bases
     - Optional No Stability
     - Kits
     - Ability to pickup vehicles
     - Discord Rewards
     - Call Heli
     - No Radiation
     - Taxi (NPC driver!)
     - Teleport
     - Instacraft
     - Free Skinbox
     - Shop
     - Monthly Wipes
     - Furnaces Splitter
     - Occasional Custom Maps
     - Protection from players looting your airdrops & gardens as well as Heli & Bradley kills
     - lock everything from cars, minis, furnaces, horses, shutters ect
     - Perfect Repair
     - Tame pets
     - Remover Tool
     - End of wipe Purge

and more please see our website for sull list of mods.

The admins play on the server but will not interfer with your game play. We have our own creative builds we enjoy spending our time on. We do not spawn in loot for players until the last week of wipe. At that time we will spawn whatever building materials you may need to build or practice building your dream build. 


No players with recent VAC bans or rustadmin bans allowed . Any exceptions must go through the server owner for approval. This is to protect our players and make the most enjoyable play envirement.
Max 3 players roaming for pvp together otherwise no limit on team size for basing or pve fun together.
Please behave in a mature manner. Griefing, Trolls, asshats, and toxic players are not welcome.


Feel free to leave your doors open to let players enjoy your build as long as you lock up your chests ect. Not required but adds to server fun.


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