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Discord Discord
عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Online
الخريطة الحاليةProcedural Map
التنبيه الأخير1 second ago
النوع 5x Blueprints Active Admins Stacksize Instacraft Fast Smelting Friendly Community PVP Weekly Wipe Soloduotrio
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
أحرز هدفا0
التحديث الأخير30 Sep 2021
تاريخ الانضمام15 Jul 2021


Welcome to 420 USA high performance server with Rust+!

Server Discord W/ Full Mod List: discord.gg/aAbEfNdP8n
F1 Console: (Copy/Paste): client.connect

Our Weekly 5x server with 1 million stack size limit wipes every Thursday.
Wipes happen 2pm CST.

Map Configurations:
No BPs
Always Day
5x Resources
Map Size: 3,600
PVP Free For All
1 million stack size
3 player group limit
100% Vanilla Decay Rate
Active None Playing Admins
helicopter and RHIB spawns on

Mod List: (check Discord for full list and commands)

|Group Limits|Raidable Bases-kits|Skins|TP,TPR and Home TP
|Trade|Building Grades|Better Loot|Instant Craft
|Stack Size Controller|Auto Lock|Auto Auth|Quick Smelt
|Building Workbench|Always Day|Remover Tool|Clans
|Furnace Splitter|Blue Print Manager|KDR|ZLevels|Anti Noob Raid
|Third Person|Simple Kill Feed|Gather Manager|Draggable Corpses
|Auto Engine Parts|Underwater Vehicles|Whoa Boy
|Unlimited Night Vision|Disable Cold Damage|Inbound
|Visual Cupboard Radius|Extended Recycler|Chill Diving
|Tool Cupboard Turrets|Player List|Extra Seating|Sign Artist

Server Tik Tok: 420_usa
Server Donations: 420-usa.tebex.io

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