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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Unknown
التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
النوع 3x Gather Groups Better loot personal copter personal recycler Max3 Player Teleportation HomeSystem many more
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التحديث الأخير29 Jul 2020
تاريخ الانضمام26 Jul 2020
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Wipe every Friday at 4pm - BP every 14 day - Next wipe = 31 July
Gather X3 + Better loot + more loot
Craftable recycler
Personal mini copter spawn
Better stack sizes
Bigger backpacks
Team invite from distance
Auto upgrade commands for building blocks
Sam/Auto turret auth with TC auth
Auto doors
Night/Day lenght changed + full moon nights.
Teleport system
Teams = MAX 3
Store + shop on website
Instant get items from shop in game
Active Admin - NO admin codes or admin abuse, i play, farm and build just like you.
And many more nice features.

Store link:

Commands in game:
/team invite NAME
/kit (free kits)
/store (must have bought something at gamestore webpage)
/remove (Remove chosen wall, floor, door etc)
/sethome 1 and /home 1 (teleport system) and /bandit /outpost
/mymini and /nomini (spawn/remove chopper)
/fs on and /fs off to turn on/off furnace splitter
/recycler.craft (make yourself a recycler)
Console (F1) bind tab (for backpack)
/info - for info page with rules etc.

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