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BoomBoom 2x


Discord Discord
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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Unknown
التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
النوع 2x Active Admin Anti Cheat Anti Hack Community Friendly Admins Noob Friendly Newbie Stacksize Wipe Every 2 Weeks
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
التحديث الأخير04 Jun 2020
تاريخ الانضمام04 Jun 2020
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Welcome to BoomBoom Server! 2x gathering and 2x stack size! Farm less PVP more! 0.25 upkeep

Discord server is

1) No hacking activity, No recent(1year) or multiple vac / game / trade / community bans, No family sharing, no private steam profiles, no ban evasion, no V.P.N. etc.

2) Noob friendly - try to help people in chat and don't troll people with incorrect information. It's rust you can kill people...

3) English only in global chat.

4) No Slurs or Racism.

5) No excessive toxicity (this includes killing / trolling in safe zones)!

6) Treat staff respectfully when they are explaining rules to you. If they tell you to stop doing something do it! If you have an issues with our staff reach out to an admin directly over discord (NOT GLOBAL CHAT).

7) Do not troll Cargoship/Oil Rig/Locked crates when you exfil.

8) Do not hoard mini or boats. This ruins the game for everyone else and kills the population.

9) No group limit!