NA Rustex 2x Trio ONLY Premium Plugins Wiped 6


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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Unknown
التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
النوع 2x Gather 2x Smelt Betterloot Better Airdrops Better Rust Active Admins Active Support Halfcraft EasyAntiCheat Events
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
التحديث الأخير30 Jun 2019
تاريخ الانضمام30 Jun 2019
أصوات فريدة1


Hello everyone I have worked decently hard on the server I have made. Its a 2x gather and pickup rate server with lots of premium plugins from chaoscode such as AlphaLoot PilotEject and FriendsUI and TreasureBox You can search those up on Chaos for the features but its all for enjoyment