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Hello guys! We welcome you to our new server Erebor OSRS #181
Bored and tired of every RSPS being the same stuff every day?
Not in Erebor!
Enjoy loads of minigames, tournaments, wild events, boss events, immersive skilling that rewards you!
You will never get bored here!
I insist to come and check out our new server, where you will never get bored!
Weekly update, quick bug fixes, and loads and loads of new contest!

Are we looking for Staff members, Yes!
Forum Managers, Developers, Moderators

What features do we have? So much that words can't explain it!

RuneLite Integrations
Let me list a few
Client Automatic Updates
Full Grand Exchange
Last Man Standing Minigame
Motherload Mine
Puro Puro
Warriors Guild
Full COX
Pest Control
All dungeons what OSRS has to offer
All skilling Guides
All rooftop Agility's
Aerial Fishing
Kourend Angllers
Piscatoris Fishing
Rogues Den
Jaitzo Mine
Abyssal Sire
Corporeal Beast
Giant Mole
God Wars
Wilderness Events
Quick PK? Join our Tournaments
All wilderness quick teleports
Team Capes
Clan Chat
Deadman Mode
Blood Money Mining
Wilderness Chests
Custom Home
Weekend Events
No Pay to Win
All skills
Quick Prayers
OSRS Music and Sounds

Pictures of Erebor Server