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Ferox is a PK server that has just launched! We've put in 2 and a half years of development!

We are purely based on the PKing aspect of the game.

However we also provide every skill trainable and bosses and slayer monsters to slay.

Come and Play Now! Check out the content!


Callisto, Cerberus, Chaos fanatic, Corporeal beast, Crazy archeologist, Dagganoth kings, King black dragon, Kraken, Lizarman shaman, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Venenatis, Vet'ion, Scorpia and the Chaos elemental.

World bosses

Tekton, Zombies champion and Skotizo.


- Superior slayer creatures

- Revenants

- Boss and slayer logs

- Various OSRS settings and custom client settings

- Proper key binds

- Wilderness event keys

- Custom enchantment chest

- Tournament system

- Random wilderness events

- Fully working duel arena

- Target system

- Target killing tasks

- Over 100 achievements

- Presets

- Working bank pins

- OSRS like bank system

- Easy to use teleporting systems

- Many more come check us out!