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الإصدار Pre Renewal
النوع Customs Active GMs Balanced High Rate Quests Storyline WoE Unique 2nd Job PVP
الموقع الجغرفي Singapore
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التحديث الأخير10 Feb 2021
تاريخ الانضمام10 Feb 2021


Aqua Ragnarok Online is a new server, Started 1st of Jan 2021. Our server are renewal content but with pre-re calculation. We have total 3 Town with different quest available. Server offer many ways for players to acquire unique (donation) equipment and rewards from quests, such as Quest Shop and hunting Missions NPC. don't waste time, join and you will have maximum fun with your friends.

Player Commands: @commands @rates @exp @iteminfo @go @autoloot @alootid @time @uptime @showexp @whereis @whodrops @mobinfo @pethungry @friendly @feelreset @hatredreset.
Base x10000 Job x10000
Cards Drop Rates: Normal 50%
Mini Boss: 30%
MVP: 10%
(i) Normal MVP bosses Hunt + Extreme hard mode bosses hunt
(ii) 5000+ Costume Items releasing little by little
(iii) Mining
(v) MVP + Pokemon Pets
(vi) Enchant Items to Equipments
(vii) 4 Slotted Items (Shield 2 Slots)
(viii) Item Mall.