Nations At War

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الإصدار 1.19.3
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التحديث الأخير23 Mar 2023
تاريخ الانضمام19 Mar 2023


Nations At War! - Geo-Political Earth Map with Guns, Towny & More
Nations at War

Nations At War! - Guns! Geo-political - Earth Map & Player Run World

Create your own town, join a nation, or make a new one. Trade, protect, or go to war with other towns and nations. Create a big enough nation and help make server rules with the other major powers of the world!

Maybe just: Rule The World

Unlike many other servers most of this server's rules are voted on by the nation leaders!

We have a variety of guns on the server that you may use to hunt down a bounty and defend your town!

Ranks will provide you with new Cosmetics,pets and more! 

You can also buy ranks and support our server 

Join the NaW Discord server

Check out the DynMap 

Nations at War has a staff & community to help keep the server active as well make sure things stay streamer & YouTube friendly!