BumbleCraft 1.20.1

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الموقع الالكتروني bumblecraft.net
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الحالة Online
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النوع Pve Survival PvP Survival Earth Custom Biomes Survival Oneblock
الموقع الجغرفي United Kingdom
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التحديث الأخير07 Sep 2023
تاريخ الانضمام19 Dec 2020


BumbleCraft 1.20.1

BumbleCraft is a LGBT friendly java and bedrock minecraft server!

Join now to experience our friendly community and awesome gamemodes!

The Earth map on our EARTH-SMP server is 1:500, the LARGEST EVER seen on a public server!
LifeSteal features a unique lifesteal experience with teams, custom enchantments & much more!
Survival features avatar bending, slimefun and everything you will ever need for the perfect custom survival experience!
We also have a unique oneblock gamemode where you have to survive on one block and level up through various phases!

BumbleCraft supports both java and bedrock so you can now play with that friend who doesn't own a bedrock account!
You can join on bedrock by using play.bumblecraft.net and port 19132.

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Bumblecraft is a well moderated, friendly and busy server made up of wonderful and unique players continentally! With the freedom to build and be whoever you choose! You can play Slimefun on the slime, vanilla minecraft on honey, Build towns in pollen or even play on the skyblock, No matter what server you choose guarantees you a variety of fun features and activities that will keep you entertained!


Welcome to BumbleCraft where your dream can come true .BumbleCraft is a server with many fun realms/worlds each one with a different purpose. It is compatible with Java and Bedrock. It has the following realms: Honey, Towny, Survival 1 and Survival 2. All the realms have these features that will amaze you for example they have 150+ enchantments that were made by the owners and even has pets that you can't find anywhere else. One of the most coolest things about our server is that we host events from time to time to either earn money, ranks or even pets but one thing we also have is Starter kits that you can get every 24 hours. We also have crates that give something different every time there's the Common Crate, Relic Crate, Party Crate, Bumble Crate, Boss Crate and the Boss Crate, to access these crates you can either vote on the BumbleCraft website and get common keys for every vote and when the party labeled count down  gets to 0 you get a party key that you can use on a party crate and u can either get a boss, relic, bumble ,common, vehicle key to access the specific crate. To earn money when you first join you can mine or fish to earn money you could sell the Fish or Blocks it earn cash by doing /sell hand (amount) or you could go to /fish menu or /mine menu. Also when you Vote you get 10 minutes of fly time where you can fly freely for a certain amount of time. We're hoping to see you there so come join our server we would be really happy to see you join or network. See you in there.