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الموقع الالكتروني b-craft.org
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الحالة Online
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الإصدار 1.12.2
النوع Naruto Boruto Anime Roleplay PvP PvE Open World RPG Jutsu Custom
الموقع الجغرفي United States
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التحديث الأخير09 Nov 2019
تاريخ الانضمام08 Nov 2015



BloodCraft Naruto Realism is not an ordinary gaming experience. This server distinguishes itself by providing its players with the greatest Naruto experience that it can. We have worked diligently from the start and with time comes wisdom. Our server has been up since August of 2014 and we are still moving ahead!

On our server, we respect the community that we have. The staff team does the best that it can to assist those in need with a kind and welcoming hand. We appreciate each player that chooses our server to play on and we hope that they may stay within our circle for good fortune in our future endeavors. Without the community we wouldn’t be at our maximum potential and so we look to insight not just by our fellow staff members, but through the bonds we have all built together as well.

One very unique aspect of our server is the diversity, depth, and balance of our combat system. We provide 82 widely different clans to choose from, all from their respective villages in the anime/manga. There is also a chakra paper system based off the Litmus Paper from the anime that randomizes the user a chakra nature when they first begin. This is a system that is canon from the series and it acts as a receival of nature upon birth. This sounds tedious in theory, but you can simply reset once per day. We do our best to balance combat systems in order to achieve an experience that is based more on the skill of the user rather than the power of the clan. Our server has a lot of standing in combat so we take pride in the fact that our system provides a fair chance to those who take advantage of it. Our system does not yield handouts but provides a series of stepping stones for users to climb in order to get better. Combat for the underdog is about losing your battles and taking from them in order to forge your defeats into victories. Everyone starts from the bottom and tries desperately to fight to the top but we as a server try to provide users with the most aesthetically and gameplay minded way to do so.

Our features extend far and wide though, even outside combat. Unlike many other servers, we have the tools of skilled and professional development. Our developers work hard to create additions to the core of the server that fix problems that other servers are plagued with. Many servers deal with issues that stem from an inability to rationalize and solve their own problems and while not only fixing problems that other servers could not, we have implemented amazing features that revolutionize how things are done. We have a plugin that automatically hosts exams so that less manual labor is required in the process of promotion. As long as there is a group of people willing to take the exams, we can assure that these exams are hosted in a more professional, smoother, and surefire way.

On the server we provide several tools to assist new players in getting a grasp of how everything works here. We have a custom guide and tour plugin and even plugins that direct users toward places they can receive support. We even have social media and schedule plugins so that players can connect with one another or staff members directly for support and keep them on the ball for when exams, events, and other fun activities are being hosted. We actively try to improve the player experience on the server and so we have these things here for you.

Even though our server stands tall on its own, we are part of the BCraft Gaming Community. We have a website, a Discord, and several other sites of social media that we can be contacted on. We also have a BuyCraft store where you can buy non-chakra nature combination kekkei genkais, ranks, some jutsus, different chakra charge and weapon slash colors, mounts, and more. Non-cosmetic store items are not allowed in exams and competitive events and are typically only for show. We have a massive content patch and server wipe in the works that will clear these non-cosmetic items from the store and from users. For those who have non-cosmetic features, these things will be phased out and turned into things purchasers can make better use of that fall in the line of cosmetic or non-jutsu items.

After viewing all of the features we have to offer, I hope you consider joining our server. We welcome anyone who wishes to join our server and we wish you good luck on the server if you choose to play. Have a nice day.


WEBSITE: https://b-craft.org

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/JCgbKkR

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