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United States
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التحديث الأخير06 Feb 2023
تاريخ الانضمام21 Dec 2022


BRAND NEW! - Thin Blue Line RP : Thin Blue Line RP is a Police based server solely dedicated to emergency service roleplay! We are currently hiring for BCSO and LSPD and have plans for a huge expansion into many more departments/sub divisions. This will be proportionate to our member count to ensure there is always something new to explore and new career pathways to experience within the server. You'll find a in in depth ranking system which has been built with progression and rank based scenario's in mind. Work your way up the chain of command to unlock new features, responsibilities and RP experiences. Whilst the server is new, we want to make your time on the TBL RP server as immersive and user friendly as possible.

We know that scrolling through menu after menu isn't much fun so we've worked hard to make everything as user friendly as possible. We will continue to make improvements as the server grows and expands, taking on board feedback from our members so that we can make this into a thriving RP community. IF you are looking for an established server, then maybe this isn't for you BUT if you'd like to be part of a new and exciting experience from the very beginning with the opportunity to watch it grow and you have the drive to really get stuck in to be a valuable member of the community then what are you waiting for? Join the discord and lets get started!