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Support this server even more Ok, I'm in!

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النوع Discord Community promote advertise server ads
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United States
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التحديث الأخير10 Dec 2020
تاريخ الانضمام11 Apr 2020


Welcome to {Bulletin-Promotion} a upcoming discord growing central for everyone to use and respect!

We've spent the past couple months developing this server for the community, to have an unique advertising server
Everyone is allowed as long as if they follow our rules and Discord TOS, We are looking for to expand our +18 staff team!
Our goal is to create a big advertise server with some fun and social talk/chat in forums with an friendly atmosphere!

- Easy rules to understand
- ONLY 2 hours cooldown on post
- No unnecessary pings
- VIP/Premium/Spotlight
- Easy Access
- Social Media / Forums
- Over +45 Advertising Channels to use!
- Chill Friendly Server Support
- If you spam the server = Auto mute 12hr!
- Staff application OPEN

- Verification system
that prevents malicious users and bots from joining

- Auto-Deleter
If you leave, every advertisement that you made will be removed.

We Welcome You to the {Bulletin-Promotion} Advertising Discord Community!.
Make sure when you join you read and understand our terms before you start advertising!


Make sure you fill out the application!