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Welcome to Special-PKz

Special-PKz, was a well known old school PK Based server back in 2007
with lots and lots of Pking Clans, and one of the best re written Combat formulas.
Well were now back and better with many more features,
and not only a pk server, but one of the best and most advanced pk/bossing/skilling servers around.
We are Not a spawn Pking server you have to be challenged to obtain the best items here or just be a great pker
to obtain those items that everyones after.

[*]Old-School PKing Pre-sets.
[*]lots of achievements with great rewards.
[*]Huge selection of bosses to kill for great items.
[*]PKing Acievements with great rewards.
[*]Kill 500 Players for the dead man cape best pking cape on the game.
[*]All Osrs pets gained from bosses and skilling.
[*]One of the best PKing homes known to RSPS.
[*]Flawless Combat System Fully re written the propper way.
[*]Full Raids, Fully Rewritten.
[*]Fully working Vorkath, with great drops.
[*]Instant Pk Setup Options, For all you Pvp's.
[*]We have over 10 Different wilderness Event bosses ,With a instant teleport option to take you to the event.
[*]Mythical cape with teleport option to legendary zone.
[*]reworked mostly all of the boss drops, event drops, clue scrolls, and much more.
[*]Giant scarab, The inadequacy, dusk and dawn, Giant sea snake are now in game with all correct animations and attack styles.
[*]Vespula & Soldiers, Tekton, Muttadile are new donation bosses with great rewards use the mythical cape for teleports.
Visit our Website - http://Special-pkz.co.uk
Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/CnfcDQA

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