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التحديث الأخير04 Sep 2017
تاريخ الانضمام04 Aug 2017
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adam   Trailer Here Download Here   Developers
Brad Special Thanks
Hyperion   Features   Exploits, Bugs, and Dupes Fixed Objectmanager Causing Lag
Fixed the Ability to Woodcut and Fletch at Once
Fixed the Ability to Fletch and Firemake at Once
Fixed MASSIVE Ruby Bolts Exploit
Fixed Mobs not Appearing
Fixed Barrows not Hitting
Removed All Anti-Leeches
Skilling Added All Rocks Mine-able in the World
Added All F2P and Non F2P Fishing Spots
Improved Implings for Hunting
Added Hunter Client and Server Sided
Fixed Enchanting of Bolts
Superheat now gives Magic Exp   Unique Content Added Quest-Log Tab
Added New Player Panel
Added Quest Progress from red-yellow-green
Added Quest Points System
Added Skill-Havens for Open World Skilling
Added More Pets
Added Trials of Reality
Added World Shops   3 Tier Account Security Tier One
Added 2 Minute Auto-Save for Roll-Back Prevention
Tier Two
Added Backup Saves in-case Main-Save Corruption Etc.
Tier Three
Added One Hour Individual Account Saves In-case Backup and Mainsave Issues   Click 2 Skill System
When you click any skills in the Skills Tab you can access the Click 2 Skill Menu.
This means whatever skill you want to train, just click on it in the skills tab!
Certain skills have Premium Click 2 Skill Zones.
In these Premium zones you can train skills easier, train the skills in a custom way,
and even discover new locations.     Random Events Woodcutting
- Birds Nests Prayer
- Good Bury
- Sandwich lady Fishing
- Skilling Pet Thieving
- Punished by God of Light Cooking
- Skilling Pet Fletching
- Slip and cut finger Runecrafting
- Sandwich lady Hunter
- Sandwich lady Agility
- Sandwich lady Mining
- Accidental mine over dynamite revealing loot Smithing
- Exploding furnace  
More Details
weapon special attacks
Equipment effects
Equipment requirements
Weapon poisoning    Magic
Every modern combat spell
Every ancient combat spell
Can't mage through walls
Staves work for unlimited runes
Bolt enchanting
Enchanting jewelry    Range
Throwing weapons (knives, darts, javelins, throwing axes)
Crossbows (the regular one and karil's)
Can't shoot through walls    Prayer
All bones bury-able
Every prayer working properly    Mining
All ores can be mined
All bars can be made
All bars can be forged into items
All equipment can be produced
Correct item requirements
Fishing spots located all around the world
All fish can be cooked    Woodcutting
Regrowing trees
All trees cut-able    Firemaking
All logs light able
Gnome, Wilderness, Barbarian, and Seers courses usable
All obstacles   Hunting Completely Custom Hunter    Thieving
NPC thieving working
World Stalls    Crafting
Cutting gems
Tanning normal, hard, and dragon hide
Crafting normal, hard, and dragon hide
Crafting snakeskin
Spinning wool and flax
Making amulets, necklaces, and rings
Stringing amulets and necklaces
Can cut gems into bolt tips    Runecrafting
Use of the Abyss
All altars working
Use of Pouches included    Fletching
All logs can be fletched
Can string bows
Can make arrows
Can add tips to bolts    Slayer
Custom Anywhere slayer tab
Easy, Medium, hHard tasks
Slayer gem working
Dueling Arena
Fight Caves
Pest Control
Warriors Guild
Free for all
Weapon Game
 Banking / Shopping / Trading
Input 1, 5, 10, All, X
Withdraw 1, 5, 10, All, X
Offer 1, 5, 10, All, X
Remove 1, 5, 10, All, X
Confirm Screen
Untradable Items
The Power of Yelling
Easy as Cake
Give him a Sword
Farming Friends
I am the Hunter
Messages for Romeo
A Cat From Hell
The Nothing
Dragons Skull
..And many more..     Achievements
Over 70 Achievements   Emotes
All Emotes Includeing Skill Capes     Media Custom Crowns Quest Update Trials of Reality Attempting the Trials   Achievement Quick Prayers