Dabscape 637 And 718


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الإصدار 718 637
النوع Low Rates Medium Rates High Rates Old School Instant Level Spawn PK PKing
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United States
التحديث الأخير24 Dec 2014
تاريخ الانضمام23 Dec 2014
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Dabscape is the best of both worlds with 2 worlds and 2 revisions. The 718 is and Eco, Skill, PvP, and PvM Server that is just what you are looking for if you want a challange. Dabscape's 637 server is alot different, it is a spawn 637 including commands ::Master, ::Setlevel, ::Item and ::Pickup. Both sources are filled with awesome bosses the 637 however have a drop rate you cannot get enough of, the starter on the 637 is too good. We are new so dont let the low activity scare you, well be #1 soon!OUR WEBSITE CLICK HEREWEBCLIENT FOR BOTHDOWNLOAD DESKTOP CLIENT FOR 639!CLICK HEREDOWNLOAD DESKTOP CLIENT FOR 718!CLICK HERE
First people on get good chance at staff! We are brand new and are trying to get our name out there There is special coded shops with items edited with added bonus!(example: Ruby ring (i), Ect.) We Have All Monsters by doing ::MonsterCommands

Every Skilling Area AddedDonator WorksExcellent staff team and communityEconomy is flawless, no dupesEnjoy training over 20+ SkillsPlenty of minigames to occupy youPerfect Duel Arena and DicingUnique never before seen content!Updates are done regularyActive Wilderness!Farming UpdateIts FREE to play!Vote for Rewards