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التصنيف790 Random Server
الموقع الالكتروني الموقع الالكتروني
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الإصدار 474
النوع Low Rates
الموقع الجغرفي
التحديث الأخير12 May 2014
تاريخ الانضمام12 May 2014
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Welcome to Legion 474
Thanks for viewing our page legion has a lot of features i will name some but not all, i will post below some features that the server currently has, just keep in mind that Legion is currently still in beta, fixing all bugs, and issues in the server to make it perfect for release for a economic style server with a good drop rate system, what we have at Legion to offer is listed below:Everything listed below is added and working.Download:Here is the server current Forum this is only temp until we get a web developer for our domain host name:
Client: If the client doesn't work you may need (jdk 32bit)http://www.mediafire.com/download/otfsq8tgq95e8ja/LegionClientV1.2.jar]LegionClientV1.2
The server was just released out of BETA MODE join now to get ahead!
Legion Owner: LegionLegion Coder & Developer: Jiglojay
-Torva - Effects work-Pernix - Effects work-Vitrus - Effects work-Ganodermic Armour-All barrow's Armour Effects.-Full Vesta-Full Zuriels-Full Statius-Full Morrigan's
Other items:The server has other custom items added such as:
-Classic cape-Max cape-Complentionist cape-Staff of dead-Vesta longsword-Statius warhammer-Dragon claws-Working dragon-fire shield with Charging and Working Operate on players has perfect working Animations with charging and shooting.-Working Player killing Armour degrading system: Example.-Vesta degrades, Zuriels, Statius, Morrigan's. They all degrade after 3000 hits in combat, if donator lasts 6000 hits.-Corrupt Player killing Armour degrading system: Example-Corrupt Vesta plate-body lasts 300 hits in combat, if donator lasts 600 hits. (works with all corrupt armors.).-Added curses-Flasks (6 dose)-100% working flasks with all of them working correctly-Black partyhat-Black h'ween mask-Summoning Charms and some pouchs (working on summoning base)-TokHaar-Kal New cape-Archer Ring (i) - 2x Effects as original Ring-Berserker Ring (i) - 2x Effects as original Ring-Warrior Ring (i) - 2x Effects as original Ring-Seer Ring (i) - 2x Effects as original Ring-Onyx Ring (i) - 2x Effects as original Ring-Chaotic Rapier-Chaotic Maul-Chaotic Staff-Chaotic longsword-All chaotic weapons working animations.-Dungoneering Shop-Dungoneering Tokens-Dungeoneering Base (still in develeopment)-All spirit shields with working effects.-Staff of light-Staff of dead currently has staff of light Runescape effects.-Slayer helment-100% dicing system-Ancient Ceremonial Hood-Ancient Ceremonial Top-Ancient Ceremonial Bottoms-Ancient Ceremonial Gloves-Nex maps (coming out in next client release)-Polypore staff-Loyalty title system-Godwars working interface-Requires 15 kill count to enter godwars boss's-Plenty of boss's to kill-All working skills.-Morrigan's throwing axe-Morrigan's Javelin-Unquie teleport places-Gorilla training zone with healing monkeys and working altar (same as runescape)-Working teleport tabs-Automatically keep firecape, torso, rune defender, fighter hat on death.-Arcane stream necklace added-Working dragon defender with right bonuses-Rainbow party hat-Working phoenix necklace effects.-Request staff tab-Added vecna skull (new client working effect with real animations)-Admins cannot spawn they are a normal player makes no one walk around with overpowered items-Farseer shield-Arcane pulse necklace-Soul wars interfaces-Custom coded a npc that u can buy trimmed rune kites (You can pick it up on death).-Added requirments to weild those rune kites!-Better drop tables to make money while doing slayer like (lesser demons).-Fixed dfs so you dont get raped by dragons.-Fixed so all dfs animations are correct.-Necromancer robes (Added it on 8th may 2014 will come out in next client release)-Added new boss's Working dagganoth kings, Sea troll queen, Kalphite with two forms!-Changed so you cannot melee armadyl npc's anymore you can only range them.-Working pest control.-Started warriors guild base (still in development)-Rewrote whole barrows so its almost same as runescape (makes it more fun and long).-Strong eco

[8th of may recent updates:]-You can now sell items to general store.-Added rune scimitar to stores!-Fixed dfs so you dont get raped by dragons.-Fixed so all dfs animations are correct.-Changed drop rates and increased some.-Changed so you dont automatically keep items anymore on death firecape etc u have to run back to pick up.-Added drop table to lesser demons.-Added so all coloured rune kites weild in correct spot!-Removed so you cannot get xp from lamps due to cheat engines forcing interface open for xp!-Custom coded a npc that u can buy trimmed rune kites!-Added requirments to weild those rune kites!-Removed whip, fury, d boots, infinity from pkp store and slayer store!-Added requirments for ganodermic and polypore staff!-Added so you cannot sell trade max cape and complisitonist cape!-Added new items to vote store!-Added level requirments for pernix, virtus, torva and staff of dead!-Added so you cannot trade or drop dragon defender new -kal cape.-Added requirments for dragon defender ancient armour, arcane stream.[End of 8th may updates]
Shops: - Main Pking store - 45 Defence store (Berserker) - 30 defence store ( Initiate) - 1 Defence store - Pk store-Trimmed rune kite - Slayer store - Range store- Voting store- Donator store- Skilling stores (Runecrafting store)-Change home location (Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Edgeville)
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