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Login, chose between various classes, including: Master, Pure, Tanker, Zerker, etc...::item, ::spawn. (not everything's spawnable..).Flawless Pk ticket system, very very hard to bypass it.Various Pk ticket shop, including barrows armor.Fully working Full Screen, Resizeable and Fixed.Test your skills before going Pking at ::funpk.Fully working summoning skill + summoning familiar.Hosted on a dedicated server - online 24/7Flawless combat system - perfect timing, animations and calculationsBattle in the wilderness with hundreds of playersSeveral minigames, including Dh FFA, barrows, jad and much more.Regular content updates.19 skills fully working - including fishing, cooking, slayer, crafting, herblore, mining, smithing, fletching and woodcutting for skillers.And much more!!.

Start your adventure today:
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