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الإصدار 1.12.2
النوع Modded Medieval Factions PvP Survival PvE Roleplay Survival Economy Trading Public
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United States
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Ever wanted a place where you can build your own kingdom, rival others, go into ancient ruins, raid and loot forts and bandit camps or team up and trade growing your power and wealth adventurer? Well Welcome to BWZ's Legends and Kingdoms! a modded factions server!

BWZ Discord:

Technic Pack:

Server IP:

Some notes: TNT is disabled however you can still raid using seige engines on faction claims however they are costly, require planning to use, and need to be researched.

We are also not on curseforge/twitch launcher at the moment, however our modpack can be found here on the technic launcher posted above ^

Windows Offline 64 bit incase if those who do not have 64 bit java:

Server is running 1.12.2 Spongeforge with EagleFactions and Nucleus essentials plugins.

Server also has 99.8% 24/7 uptime with daily backups.

Millenaire Villages are safezone protected and players can use their faction claims to claim their own Millenaire villages.

To get more claim chunks you need more faction members! The bigger the factions the more claims you can have.

Recommended Ram allocation 4GB to 6 GB


Some Features Listed Below:

EagleFactions faction and claiming plugin for conquering your lands!

Research and build automated production lines with Ancient Warfare 2 and build defensive and offensive siege engines as well managing workers and armies.

Millenaire Villages with server wide economy based on the deniers system.

Over 40! possible biomes to explore!

Roguelike dungeons and AW2 structures to raid and loot

Grow crops and cook foods with over 100s of varieties with pams harvestcraft!

Layout your war room or base with biblocraft objects.

Make custom tools and armors with T-construct and the armory mod!

Trade with customNPCs at spawn with an tournament system coming soon!

And I almost forgot to mention chisel to make your stone masonry works fancy!


About Us:

Soviet_Weeaboo aka bruce3bruce, I am the server owner, developer, and coder for BWZ, my discord is a community discord where I host BWZ legends and kingdoms mc server aswell for our Escape From Tarkov players. I am also 21 years old.

Our community consists of older members from teens to adults but anyone is welcomed to BWZ legends and kingdoms!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to DM me on discord: Bruce The Soviet Weeaboo#8826