Aion - Aube du temps

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Website Website
Discord Discord
Version 4.6.2
Type Fun PVP PVE Auto Learn Skill Low Rate
Last Update21 Feb 2021
Join Date16 Apr 2020


Number 1 of French servers Aube du temps offers:

A PvE / PvP / RvR Server

Rediscover the nostalgia of 4.6 by having a unique experience.

- Class rebalancing

- God stones in PvE only

- Abyssal transforms for governors.

- Functional RvR.

- Automatic events

- Active Staff

Custom rates:

Solo XP: 3

Group XP: 3

Quest / Mission XP: 3

Trades XP: 3

Instance XP: 3

Drop: 3

Kinah: 1

AP gain in PvP: 1

AP loss in PvP: 1

GP gain in PvP: 1

GP loss in PvP: 1