Aion Destiny

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Rank6 Random Server
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Version 2.0 2.5
Type Low Rate Classic Oldschool PVP PvE
Last Update30 Apr 2019
Join Date30 Oct 2018


Hi there! Aion Destiny is a nostalgic retail alike private server opened in September 2018. Our mission is to bring you back that old-school Aion we all loved. We started with the version 1.9, and updated to 2.1 in December 2018. On the 20th of April 2019, the server has been upgraded to version 2.5. 

Here are our key features:

- Fast responding English speaking support;

- A large and friendly community of English speakers from all around the world;

- Active English speaking legions on both Elyos and Asmo side;

- The population at the peak hours reaches 1100-1400 concurrent players;

- Responsible admins passionate about classic Aion;

- Daily PvP events;

- Weekly updates;

- Quick bugfixes;

- Cosmetic cash shop;

- In time will be upgraded to 2.7.

This is what our players say about us on Reddit:
"I decided to make this post after playing on the server for a while and i must say i'm impressed. While not being without it flaws this is probably the best Aion Classic experience you can have ATM."


"The population is indeed pretty good for a private server, even if the majority is RUS :). Bugs are few are far between."


"Hey, I just found this server yesterday and I am playing on it since. Is working really well and I am having a great time playing this classic Aion just like I used to play in 2011...I really appreciate your work with this. Is really well done. Congrats!"


Interested? Learn more about Aion Destiny 2.5 Classic Server:

How to start playing

Server guide

English community forum



The main site (in Russian)


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