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Version 317
Type Bank Tabs Custom Content Abyssal Sire Achievements Active Active staff Blowpipe Clue scrolls Constant Developing Custom Home
United States
Last Update12 Jul 2020
Join Date01 Jul 2020




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Welcome Everyone!
AutumnRS has just went live.

Notable Features:
-Beautiful Custom Areas
-Raids, Inferno, Zulrah, Vorkath, Sire, The list goes on with more coming
-Dicing, (Gambling Expansion Coming)
-Hunter w/Custom Area
-Bank Tabs
-Custom Pets (Donation Required :( )
-So Many Updates Coming

We hope to see you there.

Please keep in mind this is our Alpha Release and there will be bugs.
If you find any please report it through the ingame command, forums, discord or directly to a member of staff so that we can get this resolved immediately. 



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