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Version 317
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United States
Last Update14 Oct 2020
Join Date01 Apr 2020


Divination - Great custom server

Released 10th of October 2020

Divination Is a custom runescape private server with endless amounts of content.
We are seperating our custom server from others by using models and content that are completely unique to our server.
With a stable team to run the server, we produce as much content as possible to keep our players entertained with the server! Besides that we like to engage with our community and have a very active discord where the staff talks in voice chat with the players frequently. Here we talk about future updates, group events and maybe some teasers for future content.

What the server has to offer
-Great community
-Never seen before Custom skilling
-Great Veriety of bosses
-10+ custom raids
-Custom Boss arena minigame
-Custom Warzone minigame
-Awesome looking models
-Endless content
-Rapidly growing community
-Multiple gamemodes
-Much more...!

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