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Last Update07 Mar 2020
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World of Rune is Recruiting...


Please Read!

Hello WOR is Recruiting for release! My name is Rex and I'm currently working on a custom RSPS thats a remake on the genre. THIS IS NOT A OSRS REMAKE OR RUNESCAPE REMAKE. This is a new experience based on original runescape content. I'm looking for a team of testers, and even helpers who will help shape this server into something amazing. The discord link attached will only accept the first 25 invites before it expires. THIS SERVER IS NOT CURRENTLY ONLINE. THIS SERVER IS STILL AN ALPHA. PLAYTIMES WILL BE LIMITED FROM 1-3 HOURS AT A TIME. THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE CHANGES AS WELL AS MULTIPLE CLIENT CHANGES. DO NOT JOIN IF YOURE LOOKING FOR A DEDICATED RSPS.

Why Join?

You can help be apart of the launch of this server. The Alpha players will receive an exclusive discord role upon release.

What Makes us Different?

WOR plans to be completely open world like regular Runescape. With added quality of life updates such as the ability to unlock fast travel, custom skill zones per city, and custom endgame content, we aim to be a new rsps.

EXP RATES and Game Modes

This is a slow grind server with 10x exp to make the grind and open world feel linear.


Join the discord and Join the Pre-Alpha.