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Version 1.16.1 1.16
Type Pve Survival Survival Vanilla Survival No Griefing Friendly Hermitcraft SMP Need Players Vanilla new
United Kingdom
Last Update28 Jun 2020
Join Date07 May 2020




This is a relatively new server (started on 23/3/2020).

Our primary rule is to interact with good intentions and respect for one another.
With a player cap of 40 which has never been full, we intend to remain as true as possible to the gameplay of Minecraft and we have a dedicated IP.
We have some datapacks (quality of life) and a few plugins just for moderation purposes. We are based in the U.K. We have a staff team of 2 Admins.
Although we have just performed a full reset with big plans for the new world, the Overworld is likely not to be reset until players desire it to be.
Our server only performs daily restarts at night when inactive.
Our list of rules can be read on the discord server.


In order to become whitelisted, follow the instructions to write an application on our discord server here.


Key Features

• We arrange server events.
• At least 50% of the server must sleep to skip the night.
• The staff team is can review block logs and roll back grief or stealing.
• Players drop their own head upon death to another player.
• Mobs have chances to drop heads.


Updated to 1.16.1 + Nether Reset Complete  


Online Players - Last 24 hours

Change Logs
19 May 2020

First server event is coming up.

22 May 2020

Changed plugins and removed some commands.