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Version 1.15.2
Type PvP Survival MCMMO Community Active AntiGrief Land Claim Custom Ranks Spigot Casual ChestShop
United States
Last Update21 May 2020
Join Date26 Mar 2020



Who are we?

We are COURTINGINSANITY, a small SMP server dedicated to having a good time, however you define it. The server was started because we couldn,t find a place that fits our needs, good food, good company, and plenty of MADNESS! Our server has had various iterations since the mid 2000s but our most recent version has been going since 2018. The world is new as of the 1.15 Bee Update, and has no world border. While we are hosted in the States, we have players originating from all parts of the world and love the variety, be the first from your country to join us!

Server Specifics

We are currently on the latest version of spigot and try to update ASAP! We are a Modded Survival Server because we would like to enhance the game in some ways that we think are beneficial. Some of our more recognizable plugins include; Dynmap, GriefPrevention, Mcmmo, and Snowgear's Chestshops.


Our server is fairly straight forward, we want you to enjoy yourself but not at the cost of others enjoying themselves. This means that we do have to lay down a few rules:

Thou shalt not grief
Thou shalt not spam
Thou shalt not advertise
Thou shalt not ask to be staff
Thou shalt not hack*
Thou shalt respect all members
Thou shalt report abuse**
Thou shalt be civil
Thou shalt follow all rules
Thou shalt enjoy thyself

*Definitions of hacking are liable to change and we are not responsible for your knowledge of the definitions once posted. An up to date list will be maintained on the discord.

**We accept no responsibility for failure to report abuse.

Breaking the rules may result in a ban after proper investigation, bans are non-negotiable.


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