Minecraft Icon Gallery

Listing favorite icons for Minecraft servers supporting version 1.7.2 and higher.

Favicon play.popularmmosworld.com Favicon mc.bartyrealms.com Favicon play.nitrocube.fr Favicon Play.Neonsb.com Favicon play.dragonprison.com Favicon mc.weridos.com Favicon play.wondercraft.org Favicon mc.minespire.net Favicon eonaminecraft.de Favicon AffectCraft.mcserver.ws Favicon join.cfew.us Favicon play.stellarmcnow.com Favicon simplemc.cc Favicon PURPLEPRISON.NET Favicon play.astromc.ro Favicon play.maestrea.com Favicon celestiamc.us Favicon man10.red Favicon Favicon play.TheOasisMC.com Favicon play.YomNetwork.ca Favicon play.conspiracycraft.net Favicon play.noxusaus.com Favicon Favicon mc.pathisorb.com Favicon teamlake.net

How to add minecraft icon?

Create a 64 x 64 pixels .png image, rename it to server-icon.png then copy it into your server root folder. After that simply restart your server.
Topg will visit your server frequently to look for any existing favorite icon. Once found, it will be updated to your listing and will also be added to this random list.
Minecraft icon feature is only available for servers supporting version 1.7.2 and above. Your server must have 10 or more votes to be shown in this icon gallery.