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版本 1.8
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United States
最近更新12 Jul 2017
加入日期07 Jun 2017

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StormCraft is one of the newest, best-designed Skyblock servers out there! We hope that you'll give it a go! Over 55 plugins have been added (some even custom), to it to make the game mechanics and functionality fun for everyone.

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You must agree with:
- not asking staff to read your application.
- not discussing staff and server related discussions with other players.
- not lying to other people or staff members.
- not requesting a promotion.
- no abusing your powers and/or false punishing

Requirements for becoming a staff member:
- At least 13 years old.
- A dedicated player on the server.
- Easily reachable via skype.
- Understanding of how to use the punishment commands correctly.
- Be able to help people with problems and questions.
- Decent English and grammar.
- Understanding of the function of the game.
- Use paragraphs in your application do not just yap' on about random crap!