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How to get and install Votifier

- You can get votifier from Bukkit or from Curse: Download Votifier Mod .
- Second steep is to search bukkit forums for a good working votifier listener compatible with your minecraft version.

Configure Votifier settings

- Configure and get votifier connection details from: /plugins/Votifier/config.yml. The file looks like this:

host: YOUR_IP
debug: true
listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners

- Votifier IP and Votifier port are YOUR_IP and YOUR_PORT values and you should use them here for testing.
- We suggest to enable your votifier debug while testing: debug: true.
- Public Key value can be found in /plugins/Votifier/rsa/public.key. It's a long string and you need to copy-paste ALL of it.

How this tool works

- This is a test tool, it simulates player voting on topsite and sends a packet to your server.
- Enter your votifier connection details and your minecraft user then hit Send Test.
- If sent, check your server console for success or any error or warrning.
- Make sure you alow our IP in your firewall.

Console output

On Success console output example:
[Votifier] Received vote record -> Vote (from:TopG.org username:USERNAME address:USERIP timeStamp:TIME)

Warnings and errors:
Please try to get help on Bukkit and Curse forums in case you get any error after packet receive.
NullPointerException can have reason like invalid username or if you are not online in game to get rewards.

For situations like [WARNING] [Votifier] Exception caught while sending the vote notification to the 'ItemListener' listener java.lang.NullPointerException the Reason is: you are not online in game with your player and votifier can not send the reward. Solution: Get a better listener that supports offline reward delivery or test while in game.

How to enable on TopG

- You will be prompted to add votifier details after you Register your Minecraft server.
- If you already have a server registered and you didn't enabled votifier then use Server Edit option and enable it.