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Our goal as a development team is to ensure that our players thoroughly enjoy their time spent on the server. We aim to give our players a sense of fulfilment through their progression and completion of our game, may it be through our methods of ensuring enjoyment through the ability to replay content or the interconnected feeling of our game play.

Using Agile programming techniques, specifically scrum, we incorporate not only our developers, but also our higher level staff into the development process. Scrum is a technique by which a small amount of content is developed in short, efficient bursts and then thoroughly tested and debugged. The developers code while the administrators debug, and each person is assigned a specific workload for each iteration - a simple yet "agile" technique which ensures our players quality and bug-free content released at a high rate of speed.


Advanced Slayer system

We have taken all of the aspects of slayer and made it mesh to the needs of our server.
With all features and functions working we were able to add new, unique aspects of it only seen on our server, to fit our server.

  • Helmet bonuses while on slayer tasks
    Black Mask, Slayer Helmet, Full Slayer Helmet

  • Skippable tasks
    Skip currently assigned task or permanently skip a task.

  • Slayer rings
    Remotely access your slayer master.

  • Unique unlockable player-owned slayer dungeon.
    Do your slayer task quickly and efficiently in a dungeon unique to you with your task in it.


A solid construction base exists in Xedia which allows players to own a house, and customize furniture within it.
Currently fully supports 5 rooms, but each update will feature 2-3 new rooms


Our quest content is unique in that it ties aspects of the game together, giving players a true advantage by completing quests.


Dreamcatcher is a unique minigame which grows from 2007scape’s Nightmare Zone, is a never-before seen, server-unique minigame which PvMers will fall in love with.

Game modes

Every future and past update we've done has taken every gameplay mode we offer into consideration. We strategically plan updates with the best in mind for every gameplay mode, hoping to maximize the amount of enjoyment from these modes.