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Version 1.12.1 1.12 3.3.5
Type Mangos Blizzlike Low Rates Progression Scripted Instances No Custom PVP Raids Vanilla Classic PvE
United Kingdom
Last Update19 Apr 2017
Join Date11 Feb 2017

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Wildhammer and are progressive Vanilla and WotLK servers. We have working battlegrounds, instances, raids and LoS mob pathing! AH bot on the vanilla server is active and Cross Faction grouping and channel chat is enabled on both servers until we reach a certain ammount of players.

Change Logs
05 Mar 2017
  1. Engineering: Target Dummys will now correctly work.
  2. Druids entangling roots will now only work on 1 target instead of multiple.
  3. Pets will now return back to the player instead of disappearing when out of sight
  4. The Beast will now spawn Finkle upon skinning him
  5. Warrior hp will now regenerate when out of combat
  6. Paladin Devine Shield should now absorb lava damage
  7. Quest: The Attack: Should now work correctly.