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Type High Rates Economy
LocationUnited States
Last Update10 Jan 2013
Join Date10 Jan 2013



We are a PKing, Skilling and Pvming server with a100% GUARANTEED up-time status.
Are you looking for a server with NO LAG?
Are you looking for a server with an active wilderness?
Are you looking for a server with guarenteed updates at least twice a week?

Then Ventrilica is the right place for you, it all starts here!

Ventrilica has been around for well over a year and continues togrow on a daily basis. Both in-game and forums are extremely active and contain many active clans and bosses to test your skills.
The server is growing rapidly and would love for YOU to join too!

Ventrilica Features

• 24/7 Active Skilling, PvMing and PKing
• Active forums
•Active Ventrilo Server
• Nomad boss, for the ultimate PvM experience
• Updates every other day guarenteed
• Excellent, professional, and dedicated staff
• Daily Server Events
Automatic daily lottery drawings
Three different starter packages
• Stable economy, no economy-resets
• Amazing donator benefits
•Two extraodinary donor zones
Vote Shop
• TokHaar-Kal Cape, fight "Prime" Jad
• All PvP items, chaotics, nex sets, corrupts
[font='Times New Roman']•Working skills including a PK skill
• VP points that can be gained from pking, slaying, etc..
• VP Point shop
• (::help) Which notifies our staff that someone needs help
• Help zone(::helpzone)
All 4 essence pouches working
Custom Yell tags
Working Teleblock[/font]

Amazing Prestige system includes:

10th prestige slayer system. (Achieving 99 10x rewards you with 10th prestige).
Working Slayer Helmet that grants you a 15% increase in damage on an assigned slayer task.
Handful of tasks waiting to be completed that award you with VP points.
Special rewards for prestiging such as bosses and new items.
Plenty of monsters waiting at each task to flow out the traffic between the tasks.

Donating Ranks include:


Why are we better than the rest?

• The community has a voice and is definitely heard by the developers.
• Our staff is professional, dedicated and there for you.
• Four strong and active working developers which definitely means we have CONSTANT UPDATES.

What are you waiting for?

Play Ventrilica now @

Visit our Website to get a taste of Ventrilica @

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